Perfect Real

It is Perfect Real to find the perfect property for you.
A real estate app that helps new buyers for property investments.


2+ months, 2022


Progressive web app

My Role

Solo Project
UX/UI Designer


Figma, Adobe Suite

Project Overview


Real estate investment has become an increasingly popular way for individuals to choose. Despite the good part, it’s often complicated for new buyers to deal with so much information from websites and agencies. The majority of people will need professional guidance and can waste time viewing properties out of their range.

About Perfect Real App

Perfect Real is a user-friendly, progressive web app for property buyers. It provides buyers with the expertise needed to get started efficiently.

This app is for new and small property buyers looking to invest for financial security or additional income.

When & Where
Buyers use it when search for property and make a decision on where to invest. They will use it at home or on the go. Users can search anywhere as long as with a device connected to data service.

Problem statement

Real estate buyers need a way to access reliable and uncomplicated information about potential property investments. Because buyers want to make right decisions fast based on the information provided by the right tool. We will know this to be true when we see that buyers use the app to review the comprehensive information about the property and the neighborhood before an on-site visit and moving forward with buying.


User Personas

User flow & user stories

  • As a user, I want to create a profile containing all my property criteria, so that I am recommended results most relevant to me.

  • As a user, I want to be able to search and filter properties, so that I can find good matches based on my needs.

  • As a user, I want to be able to save or mark properties I am interested in, so that I can easily revisit them.



low-fidelity wireframes

mid-fidelity wireframes





Final design

different responsive breakpoints

hi-fidelity prototypes

& Preference set up

& login

property search

property search

property saved

property for you

property info


more mockups

future steps

usability test & iteration

Conduct usability test to improve the app design and iterate based on feedbacks.

Further Develop Responsive Design

From what we learned in mobile first and usability test, further implement into design of tablet and desktop versions.